• Category:
  • Seed Treatment
  • Tipo:
  • Coating
  • Formulation
  • Líquido Soluble (SL)

BIOCOAT® CORN is a liquid polymer which reduces dust off from corn / maize seed treatment.  Given the unique characteristics for this seed variety, it is necessary to apply BIOCOAT® CORN to enhance the coverage and dispersion of seed treatment chemistry, accelerate drying, reduce chemical residues on equipment and insure a safer cleaner seed treatment operation.  Available in red and blue for Australia.


  • Dust Control
  • Even chemical coverage
  • OH&S – Reduced dust exposure, reduced operator exposure to chemical residues on equipment
  • Fast drying – Improves flow through augers, no peaking in bins, free flowing seed
  • Cleaner environment – less exposure for chemicals being washed into waterways
  • Good Manufacturing Practice achieved
  • Professional finish
  • Protects active constituent
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